Waltz Social Amalgamation

. Learning the sequence is fun, but be sure to work with your instructor to enhance styling, shape and you partnership skills.


Start F-DC and dance 1-3 of a 3/8 Left turn end B-LOD
Starting with RT foot, dance two Backward Progressive Twinkles ending B-DW w/ partner preparing to go outside
Leader dances second half a box while leading lady to dance inside U/A turn. End F- DW
Continue to turn slightly and dance a ½ box to end F-LOD
Open Break still F-LOD
Beginning with LF, dance a Spot Turn rotating 7/8 to F-DC
Side with RT foot for a Hesitation
Dance a Progressive Chasse’ to right turning ¼ to end B-DW
Back lock end B-DW
Back twinkle turning ¼ to F-DC
Forward check with inside foot and continue to rotate slightly to left allowing partner to rotate on RT foot on 2 and 3 to end preparing to dance outside partner with her RT.
1- 6 of a Back Twinkle (no turn), but lead lady for an inside U/A Turn on 4-6. End F-DC
Dance 1-6 of a Left 3/8 turn. End F-DW


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